Sony Building


I was one of the employees at the building 20 years ago. Back then, I never dreamed I would make a promotional movie for the building. The movie depicts "a day". A night turns into a dawn, and then into a morning, an evening and back into a night again. People pass by. Every frame, there is a story. The building stands there surrounded with all the stories of people frame by frame. I focused on the people to promote the building. Their encounters, their laughs, and their farewells. I wanted to reach out the heart of the audience.


Director : Seiichi Hishikawa

Creative Director : Takahiro Kouzuki (Sony PCL Inc.)
Producer : Takeharu Kato, Takashi Ueno, Kenji Hayakawa
Project manager : Yumi Ohoya (Sony PCL Inc.)
D.O.P : Tomoichi Kimura (glows Inc.) , Shintaro Yamanaka
Music : Tatsuya Tyme Yamada
Location coordinator : Tomoya Miyake(Miyabi Planning Office Co., Ltd.)
Assistant Director : Yutaka Obara
Produce : Sony PCL Inc.
Brand : Sony Building

This video is open to public only for Seiichi Hishikawa's portfolio. Copying or downloading is strictly prohibited.