Honda "STREAM"

Direction & Screenplay

The promotional movie for the fully model-changed Honda STREAM. Inspired by the video footage, I used the multiple linear image to express the brand. The lines were programmed to move interactively with hands as if to draw winds. The shooting took place on the shut down highway in cooperation with the local police department in Paris. I wrote the scenario, depicting one whole day without dialogues. Drive down to the airport to pick up friends, have lunch together and go home. I paid considerable attention to the details of an ordinary life, especially the kissing scene.



Brand Keyvisual

Brand Keyvisual

Director / Screenplay : Seiichi Hishikawa

Edit : Tetsurou Tsuji
CGI : Takeo Saito
Music : Tatsuya Tyme Yamada
Agency : Hrajyuku Sun-AD
Client : Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

This video is open to public only for Seiichi Hishikawa's portfolio. Copying or downloading is strictly prohibited.