Electric Dragon 80000V

Art Direction

A black and white punk movie directed and written by Sogo Ishii. I collaborated with my ally, Masato Okada for the title sequence. Struggles everyday over a year. Illustrations sent by fax from the main actor, Tadanobu Okada. I set multiple motions to the graphics until its unreadable. I tried to think of all the possible techniques unconventional for the production of an ending sequence, in black and white. We burnt the computer-made motion graphics onto 16mm film, blew it up to 35mm and then converted from film back to video again. It was such a combination of analog and digital procedures.



Titleback Director : Seiichi Hishikawa

Motion Graphics Creator : Masato Okada
Director : Sogo Ishii

This video is open to public only for Seiichi Hishikawa's portfolio. Copying or downloading is strictly prohibited.